Dr. Amal Harsha De Silva

Deputy Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health Founder Secretary - Private Health Services Regularity Council

Chairman - Medicare 2018

The theme of the National Healthcare Exhibition this year is “Cure Sri Lanka” The main objective of the exhibition is edifying people on proper disease prevention methodologies, recent changes and advances in health care sector, ultramodern healthcare technological advances of the country, effective treatment methods, best services available in hospitals and medical laboratories and more valuable data on healthcare.

Medicare 2018 is the ideal event to educate both the public and health related stakeholders and we invite specialized hospitals for neuro care, cardiac care, women and children, eye care as well as home nursing services, ambulance services, government organizations, cancer prevention unit, medical labs, self-operating medical equipment distributors, prosthetic services, in-vitro fertilization services, and international hospitals that promote medical tourism to attend the exhibition.